Susan Morgan Cooper was born in a tiny village in Wales, where her parents put on plays to raise money for charity.

Susan came to  America  as  an actress scoring a small role  in  a  Clint   Eastwood  movie.    She soon discovered
however, that film editing excited her much more than acting.

When she met a young Croatian girl displaced by the Balkan War, Susan felt compelled to make her first documentary Mirjana, One Girl’s Journey.

Susan has just completed a feature documentary on the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Eddie Adams, An Unlikely Weapon.

It’s ironic that in a dramatic short I made about a photographer in Vietnam (“Stringers”), I used some of the images of Eddie Adams.”

“I have always been fascinated by war photographers. Probably the one thing I can claim to share with Eddie Adams is a fascination with displaced and oppressed people.”

A project Susan is developing with Fairplay Pictures centers around the street children of Rio and the Death Squads that routinely murder them.

8 years ago Susan made a film about a remarkable cop in East Los Angeles, who turned around the lives of a group of gang kids, grooming them into a winning roller hockey team.

I made a promise to them all that day I would make a real movie about them. This is the year!” In 2008 Susan is set to direct the feature film base on their story called “Roadrunners.”